True Craftsmanship

Truly Canadian

Award-Winning Single Origin Spirits

Like the black fox, we are unique and unexpected. Traditionally crafted in the heart of the Canadian prairies, our process and passion produces beautiful experiences and quality spirits enjoyed around the world. 


The original tribute to terroir.


It all starts with a seed.


Unlimited flavour with limited quantity.

From Seed To Sip

We combine traditional farming practices with modern technology to protect our natural resources for generations to come.  

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A Profound Sense Of Place


Once a concept reserved for the wine industry, terroir is fundamental to everything we do.

We are proud to be part of a movement of pioneering craft distillers who advocate for terroir, believe in the provenance of place, and understand the ways in which soil, climate, and topography influence the bounty a land bears. Terroir is specific to a place—not to a country, state, or province, but to a field, a farm.  

Showcasing Saskatchewan Terroir

Award-winning spirits that are completely unique to our land, our crops, and our climate.

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Our Terroir

Nestled in the heart of the Canadian prairies, Saskatchewan is a landlocked province known for producing some of the world’s finest, heartiest grains. We enjoy more hours of sunshine per year than any other Canadian province, with long day lengths and clean air and water.

Living here requires a special kind of tenacity, a willingness to endure temperature fluctuations unlike anywhere else. Warm summers give way to northern winter winds, providing a rare environment in which to distill and age spirits. 

Cocktails & Recipes

If you’re having only one, have one of the best.

Featured Cocktails



Sweet, simple and sophisticated. Black Fox Mustard Gin, lime, and honey syrup make for a refreshing combination!  Note: John suggests combining the lime juice and the honey syrup, and freeze it so you can have a Gimlet anytime - just add gin! Ingredients 2 oz Black...

Iced Coffee Gin & Tonic

Iced Coffee Gin & Tonic

Our classic G&T with an intriguing twist! Our award winning Black Fox Gin #3 blends beautifully with the rich notes of coffee. A new take on an old classic.Ingredients 1 oz Black Fox Gin #3Tonic waterCoffee - brewed and cooled Directions Fill a tall glass with...

Hot Mulled Cider

Hot Mulled Cider

Our World’s Best Oaked Gin makes an excellent Hot Mulled Cider. A nice and spicy treat to keep you warm on those crisp and cool evenings.Ingredients 1 oz Black Fox Oaked Gin8 oz Mulled Apple Cider - see instructions below   Directions Add Oaked Gin to your favourite...

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