Sweetened By Black Fox Bees

All of our liqueurs feature fruits grown and hand-picked on our farm.

Like us, these fruits are well-adapted to life in Saskatchewan. They are hardy, dynamic, and, when it comes time to distill, bursting with flavour.

Distinctly Canadian Liqueurs

Our award-winning aperitifs are celebrated for their subtle sweetness and simplicity, humbly celebrating our terroir and its abundant natural resources.

Artisanal Liqueurs

Sour Cherry Liqueur

Made from an exclusive variety of sour cherries and sweetened with caramelized sugar, this vibrant red liqueur is soft, fresh, and cherry-forward.  

Raspberry Liqueur

Heritage sun-soaked raspberries give this crisp, clean liqueur its award-winning taste.

Honey Ginger Liqueur

Reminiscent of candied ginger, our Honey Ginger Liqueur is light, sweet, and smooth with a hint of spice. (Only available in select liquor stores.)

Liqueur Cocktails & Recipes

Mike’s Sour Cherry Lime Spritz

Mike’s Sour Cherry Lime Spritz

A refreshing summer cocktail made with Black Fox Sour Cherry Liqueur, lime, and a hint of honey sweetness.Ingredients 1 oz Black Fox Sour Cherry Liqueur 0.5 oz Fresh lime juice0.5 oz Honey syrupSoda Directions In a rocks glass filled with ice, add Sour Cherry Liqueur,...

Sour Cherry Crêpe Cake

Sour Cherry Crêpe Cake

A visually stunning, multi-layered masterpiece, this delightful crêpe cake is created with our decadent Sour Cherry Liqueur. An absolute show stopper!Ingredients 1 cup cold milk1 cup cold water4 eggs1 1/2 cup all-purpose flour2 tsp sugar1 tsp salt2 tbsp melted butter...

Black Fox Sour Cherry Bramble

Black Fox Sour Cherry Bramble

This classic British drink is so much better with Canadian ingredients of Black Fox Gin #3 and Black Fox Sour Cherry Liqueur.Ingredients 1 oz Black Fox Gin #31 oz Black Fox Sour Cherry Liqueur0.75 oz Fresh lemon juice0.5 oz Simple Syrup Simple Syrup To make the simple...

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