Expanding the horizons of what is possible in the spirits industry. 

We work collaboratively with businesses whose values align with ours to design products that celebrate and pay respect to the land. We explore, experiment, and create together what may not be possible alone.

More often than not, these partnerships evolve into lifelong friendships.

Mingle: A collaboration between friends

Together with our friends at Living Sky Winery, we are proud to announce the release of Mingle, a first-of-its-kind gin and wine spritz.

Rhubarb Mingle

Rhubarb Mingle is made using the Gin #3 and Rhubarb wine, this ready to drink cocktail is perfect for an afternoon on the patio. 


Raspberry Haskap Mingle

Raspberry Haskap Mingle is made with Black Fox Gin #3, raspberry haskap wine, and a touch of honey.

*Due to temperature variability and the risk of freezing, Mingle is not available for shipping during winter months.

**Mingle must be kept chilled.

Mingle can be purchased at the distillery, from Living Sky Winery, and select retailers.

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