SE Eleven Canadian Whisky

Voice of the Land.
Soul of the Soil.

Crafted to celebrate the bond between people, a place, and a whisky, SE Eleven Canadian whisky challenges the long-held belief that terroir is a concept exclusive to wine.

Using grains sown under vast prairie skies and masterfully distilled at Black Fox, our Canadian whiskies deliver more than just flavour. For us, it’s about emotion: feeling connected to the world and people around you.

“Each of us is shaped by our surroundings—the places we spend time in, the people we love, and the experiences we share. The same is true of our whisky: each bottle is uniquely and profoundly impacted by terroir, from our rich soils to our endless Saskatchewan skies. We take great care in documenting this journey, providing a superior spirit that you and your senses will savour.”

John Cote

Head Distiller

The Taste Of Terroir

All of our ingredients are shaped by the elements that make up our terroir — this place we proudly call home.


Saskatchewan is known for producing some of the richest grains in the world. Long winters and bright summers yield the bountiful crops we then harvest to become SE Eleven Canadian whisky. Our whisky is named after this piece of land, located at SE 11-36-06 W3.


SE Eleven has received international acclaim for its depth of flavour and commitment to terroir. Maturing our Canadian whisky outdoors in one of the world’s most variable climates allows each barrel to expand and contract with the seasons.


As important as the land are the people who work it. We care deeply about bridging the gap between people and agriculture, integrating ethical, sustainable processes from seed to sip.

SE Eleven Canadian Whisky

Three whiskies with true Canadian character and flavour.

Single Grain

Traditionally crafted to celebrate the strength of a single grain. A smooth, fresh whisky.

Master – World Whisky Masters (2020)
Gold – Canadian Artisan Spirits Competition (2020)

Distiller Blend

A limited release representing the very best of the year.

Gold – World Whisky Masters (2020)
Gold – IWSC (2020)

Cask Finish

Single-grain whisky finished in a wine cask to deliver layers of full-bodied, complex flavour.

Gold – World Whisky Masters (2020)

Canadian Whisky Collection

Not sure where to begin? Try our Canadian Whisky Collection and sample each of our award-winning whiskies.

Rogue Series

Exploring the boundaries of barrel aging spirits, the Rogue Series is a testament to our commitment to innovation and striving for perfection. Crafted in extremely limited quantities, each release represents a rare opportunity for us to refine our expertise and explore our terroir in new ways with you.

*Visit Black Fox or email to inquire

Certified Canadian Whisky

Every bottle of SE Eleven whisky is a certified product of Black Fox Farm and Distillery. On the top of each bottle you’ll find a coin etched with a code; this code unlocks a Certificate of Provenance that tells the story of traceability, authenticity, terroir, and true Canadian craftsmanship.

Cask Ownership

Own a piece of history.

Each year we offer a limited number of first-fill 200-litre casks for purchase, inviting our guests to be part of our terroir-driven process. Filled with our award-winning Canadian single grain whisky, your cask will mature outdoors under prairie skies. Please contact to learn more about cask ownership opportunities.

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