Forbes Argentina | The secrets of the only distillery in the world that ages whiskey outdoors

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is a city of fewer than 275,000 people. It is famous for two things. First, straddling the South Saskatchewan River and situated by the Meewasin Valley, Saskatoon is picturesque — “Meewasin” is Cree for “it is beautiful.” Second, set in the middle of the Canadian prairies, Saskatoon survives extreme temperature swings — lows of -40°F are not uncommon in the winter and highs of 100°F are not uncommon in the summer.

For Black Fox Farm & Distillery, these temperature variances are part of what makes their whiskey unique. By aging their whiskey outside — “under the watchful eye of Mother Nature and Jack Frost,” as co-founder and co-owner Barb Stefanyshyn-Cote puts it — the oak barrels expand and contract with temperature and atmospheric pressure changes. This “breathing” of casks affects the way all whiskey ages, but John Cote, the other co-founder and co-owner, and Stefanyshyn-Cote’s husband, says Black Fox is unique in maximizing this process by exposing their aging whiskey to the elements.

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