limited releases

The Art of Experimentation

Risk, we’ve learned, is instrumental to success.

Like the black fox, we pride ourselves on producing flavourful experiences that are both familiar and unexpected. Each year we experiment with techniques and flavours to continue to refine our craft.

Sour Cherry Liqueur

Made from an exclusive variety of sour cherries and sweetened with caramelized sugar, this vibrant red liqueur is soft, fresh, and cherry-forward.

Winter Berry Gin

A flavourful berry blend gin, created from the fragrant fruits grown in the fields of Black Fox.

750ml Bottle of Raspberry Gin

Sage & Rose Gin

Featuring rose petals and sage grown at Black Fox, this gin is a light, floral bouquet of earthy flavours. 

750ml Bottle of Raspberry Gin

Raspberry Gin

Six acres of raspberries were harvested and transformed into this unexpected delight with a wonderful flavour combination.

Check out your local liquor store for a bottle.

750ml Bottle of Raspberry Gin

Cucumber Mint Gin

Perfect for warm summer patio days. Crafted from fresh cucumbers and mint grown in the fields of Black Fox, this limited release is cool and refreshing.

Rhubarb Gin

Summertime in a bottle. Rhubarb Gin uses handpicked rhubarb from the fields of Black Fox to bring unparalleled flavour.

Boreal Mint Gin

Using wild mint and juniper berry foraged from Saskatchewan’s lush boreal forest, our Boreal Mint gin is light, smooth, and full-bodied.

750ml of Cranberry Gin

Cranberry Gin

A beautiful translucent ruby red gin that your senses will be taunted by the aromas of warm notes of cinnamon and orange flowers floating on a background of fresh juniper.

Gin #4

Farm-grown chokecherries are the star of this seasonal gin

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