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Thank you for coming along on the crop to connoisseur journey with us. Because of you, the story of our craftsmanship can be shared with customers around the world. 

To support in conversations with customers, we have created resources about our spirits and how to use them. Should you need other assets not provided, please contact your Customer Service Specialist.

From our hands to yours.

The Black Fox Difference

Rare | Authentic | Sustainable

  • We are a designated type 1 distillery ensuring that the distillation begins with 100% raw ingredients, taken one step further growing our own whenever possible.
  • We believe in terroir, the provenance of place. Soil, climate, and topography come together to create a flavour uniquely Black Fox.
  • Our SE Eleven Whisky rests outdoors, under the watchful eyes of Mother Nature and Jack Frost.
  • We guarantee authenticity and traceability in every Black Fox bottle.
  • At Black Fox sustainability is an action, not a concept.

World’s Best Canadian Gin

Since the beginning, Black Fox has been driven by a desire to share the bounty of the land in a way people will enjoy. 

Growing as many core ingredients as we can allows complete control over the distillation process, creating quality flavours that define who and where we are.

Oaked Gin

Canadian #3 Gin

Haskap Gin

Cucumber Gin

Mustard Gin – SOLD OUT

Premium Gin Collection


Black Fox gins are designed to stimulate the senses. Click the button below for flavourful cocktails that showcase the award-winning taste.

Internationally Award-Winning SE Eleven Canadian Whisky

Crafted to celebrate the bond between people, a place, and a whisky, SE Eleven is created to deliver more than just flavour. For Black Fox, it’s about being connected to the world and the people around you. 

A tribute to our terroir, SE Eleven is named after the Black Fox legal land description, South East 11. The flavours found in this whisky are shaped by this exact location and the craftspeople who create it. Batch-by-batch, we distill and age our whiskies outdoors to gain true Canadian character as the casks expand and contract with the seasons. 

Blended Whisky

Single Grain Whisky

Cask Finish Whisky

Canadian Whisky Collection

Certified Canadian Whisky

For your customers to be part of this connection, SE Eleven whisky bottles are topped with a coin engraved with a searchable serial code on the back. Enter this code online to produce a Certificate of Provenance for that bottle.

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