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Enjoy the award-winning flavours of Black Fox!


Cocktail Flight  |  0.5 oz x 3  |  13.5

Oaked Gin Sour, Gin & Tonic, Feature Cocktail

Oaked Gin Sour  |  1 oz  |  10.5

1 oz Black Fox Oaked Gin, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, foaming bitters, sour cherry

Gin & Tonic  |  1 oz  |  10.5

1 oz Black Fox Canadian #3 Gin, premium tonic, berries

Cucumber Gin & Soda  |  1 oz  |  10.5

1 oz Black Fox Cucumber Gin, soda, cucumber

Haskap Mule  |  1 oz  |  10.5

1 oz Black Fox Haskap Gin, ginger beer, candied ginger

Mustard Gimlet  |  1 oz  |  10.5

1 oz Black Fox Mustard Gin, fresh lime juice, honey syrup, celery bitters, basil, lime

Limited Edition Cocktails

Sour Cherry Oat Milk Paralyzer  |  1.5 oz  |  10.5

1.5 oz Sour Cherry Liqueur, Oat milk, Coffee bitters, Coca-Cola, Sour Cherry


SE Eleven Whisky Pours

Whisky Flight  |  0.5 oz x 3 | 30

Sample flight of SE Eleven Canadian Whisky. Includes Single Grain, Cask Finish, and Blended whisky

Single Grain | 1 oz | 15

Traditionally crafted to celebrate the strength of a single grain

Cask Finish | 1 oz | 18

Single grain whisky finished in wine casks, delivering complex flavour

Blended | 1 oz | 20

Limited release thoughtfully blended to represent the best of the year


9 Mile Beer | 8

Choice of Durum Wheat Ale, Longview Pilsner, The Ticket – Blonde Ale, Rafiki Moja IPA


Mingle | 8

Rhubarb wine & gin spritz. Click here to learn more.

Faux Tails (Non-alcoholic)

Hibiscus & Berry Mojito | 8

Porter’s Tonic Hibiscus Syrup, honey syrup, lemon juice, soda, mint, berries

The Fragrant Basil | 8

Porter’s Tonic Cardamom Orange Syrup, honey syrup, lime juice, Celery Bitters, soda, basil, orange 

Amber Bubbly Grapefruit | 8

Porter’s Tonic Original Syrup, honey syrup, lime juice, Sparkling Pink Grapefruit Tonic, lime

Food Pairings

Prairie Grazer Charcuterie | 26

(2-3 people) | Contains peanuts, nuts, dairy | Gluten-free options available upon request


What’s in your box:

Meats | 3-4 different kinds of meat including genoa and peppered salami, hot calabrese, sausage and more!

Cheese | 2-4 different kinds of cheese including brie, manchego, old cheddar, wine cheese, gouda, goat cheese, and more!

Dried Goods | Your box may contain artisan crackers, Night Oven bread, stuffed pretzels, nuts, Three Farmers roasted lentils, chickpeas, or fava beans, dried fruit, and more!

Local Love | We do our best to source as many of our products as possible locally. Products may vary, but may include fan favourites from Prairie Field Honey, Hanes Hummus, Down Home Jelly, Night Oven Bakery, Three Farmers Snacks, Drake Farms, Pineview Farms, Pig and Pantry, Saskatoon Spruce, Bothwell, Bison Ridge Farms, Meat Chops, Provisions Food Company, Frontiersman Trading Co, Sparrow Coffee & Dulce Pnc, Candyma’ma Sweets, Chef de Partie and more. Learn more at

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