Canadian Whisky Collection

A sample set of three 50 ml whiskys. Includes bottles of SE Eleven Cask Whisky, SE Eleven Single Grain Whisky, and SE Eleven Blended Whisky.


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SE Eleven Cask Whisky

This whisky boasts all of the amazing traits of our single grain whisky, and is aged year round, undergoing the wavering elements of the Canadian prairies. We add a deeper and more complex flavour profile by finishing the process in Oloroso casks. This double maturation process allows the whisky to take on the characteristics of the barrel, and become infused with more robust layers of flavour.

SE Eleven Single Grain Whisky

This lighter bodied grain whisky is crafted with triticale, and is aged to perfection in hand selected barrels. Our ageing process takes place under Saskatchewan’s living skies, where it weathers the ever changing elements of the Canadian prairies, resulting in nutty flavours paired with fruity notes and a peppery finish. Our terroir is the heart of our whisky, and is unique only to Black Fox. No other whisky on the market can provide the same experience. We are proud to be exclusive, and to stand apart from our competitors.

SE Eleven Blended Whisky

A limited release representing the very best of the year, our blend delivers a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Our 2020 blend has a delicate complexity that balances a medley of fruit and spice.

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