Oaked Gin

Smokey nose, followed by vanilla and sweet caramel notes, finishing with a beautiful floral descent. Aged for six to eight months in a virgin American White Oak barrel after the spirit vapours gently extract the botanicals during the distillation. Flavours present themselves in a complex fashion that is especially interesting. Perfect on a ball of ice.

ABV 42%


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A superb example of an ultra-premium cask gin. This is a new and rapidly expanding premium gin category drawing on the concept that at one time much of the world’s gin would have been transported in wooden barrels, imparting a woody characteristic to the spirits. A niche but dedicated following. Enjoyed neat on its own or in a whisky type cocktail, the flavours in this gin are sure to delight.


WORLD’S BEST CASK GIN - World Gin Awards, London, 2017

GOLD - Gin Masters, Hong Kong, 2018

GOLD - Artisan Distillers Canada, 2020

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  1. Chad

    My wife bought me a bottle of Black Fox Oaked Gin as a gift. I had never heard of oaked gin before, and now I don’t want anything else. This drink is dangerously smooth. It tastes very nice straight, but personally I also like it mixed with cola (I know, sacrilege). If you have never had it before, I highly recommend trying this gin!

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