Oaked Gin

A nod to the centuries-old practice of transporting and storing gin in oak barrels, we rest our gin in virgin American white oak, giving it a smoky, woody quality. Be sure to share this flavourful experience with your fellow gin and whisky enthusiasts.


In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, gin was often transported and stored in oak barrels, giving the spirit a smoky, woody quality that bridges the gap between gin and whisky. With Black Fox Oaked Gin we pay tribute to this practice, aging our award-winning gin in a virgin American white oak barrel until it reaches perfection.
Black Fox Oaked Gin can be enjoyed neat or as a substitute in your favourite whisky cocktail.
ABV & Volume: 46% 700 ml
Oaked Gin Awards:
World's Best Cask Gin | World Gin Awards | London, United Kingdom | 2017
Gold | Gin Masters - Asia | Hong Kong, China | 2018
Gold | Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition | Vancouver, Canada | 2020

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  1. Chad

    My wife bought me a bottle of Black Fox Oaked Gin as a gift. I had never heard of oaked gin before, and now I don’t want anything else. This drink is dangerously smooth. It tastes very nice straight, but personally I also like it mixed with cola (I know, sacrilege). If you have never had it before, I highly recommend trying this gin!

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