Premium Gin Collection

A sample set of four 50 ml gins. Includes bottles of the World’s Best Oaked Gin, Canadian #3 Gin, Haskap Gin, and Cucumber Gin in a decorative box that is perfect for gifting.


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Black Fox Oaked Gin

A superb example of an ultra-premium cask gin. This is a new and rapidly expanding premium gin category drawing on the concept that at one time much of the world’s gin would have been transported in wooden barrels, imparting a woody characteristic to the spirits. A niche but dedicated following. Enjoyed neat or as a substitute in your favour whisky cocktail.

ABV & Volume: 42% 50 ml

Black Fox Canadian #3 Gin

A perfect G&T ultra-premium gin, Black Fox Canadian #3 Gin was crafted from rhubarb and calendula flowers that we grow on our farm. Reflecting the terroir of our big prairie sky, the floral and citrus notes are delectably balanced. The smoothness lends well to a magnificent martini or enjoy it on ice on its own.

ABV & Volume: 42% 50 ml

Black Fox Haskap Gin

Created from haskap berries harvested on our farm, the bold flavour has been mellowed in oak barrels through our warm summers and northern winters.
Before bottling, this ultra-premium gin was fine-tuned with gentian root and black tea leaves, then sweetened with the tiniest touch of honey to create a smooth, delicious gin with a hint of berry flavour. Pairs perfectly with a tonic of your choice, lemonade or other citrus juices.

ABV & Volume: 42% 50 ml

Black Fox Cucumber Gin

Farm fresh cucumbers combined with caraway seeds and cracked black pepper create this cool and refreshing cucumber ultra-premium gin. Excellent with ginger ale and a slice of cucumber, or a smashing addition to a G&T, mojito, or with sparkling water and fresh lime juice.

ABV & Volume: 42% 50 ml

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