Raspberry Liqueur

Heritage sun-soaked raspberries give this crisp, clean liqueur its award-winning taste.

ABV 23%


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Our raspberries (and all of the fruit) that we grow are specifically selected for one main reason: flavour. Our raspberry is a heritage variety, developed in Manitoba. It has the taste of raspberry that one can remember from childhood.

Grown on a beautiful southern slope of our farm, they capture the most sun and develop a deep, rich colour and aroma. Immediately after harvest the berries are combined with our premium triticale spirit and sweetened with honey that was produced on our farm. The result is a crisp, clean raspberry flavour that has a beautiful bouquet. This liqueur is remarkable on its own, but also has the depth of flavour and colour to be a wonderful addition in numerous cocktails.


SILVER - Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition - 2020

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