SE Eleven Blended Whisky

A limited release Canadian whisky representing the very best of 2023. Created for sharing with special people in special moments.


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A limited release Canadian whisky representing the very best of the year, our blend delivers a whole greater than the sum of its parts.
Each year is unique. The new SE Eleven Blended Canadian Whisky 2023 theme is rest and regroup.
ABV and Volume: Cask Strength 48.1% 500ml | Being bottled in small lots according to their barrel, there will always be a uniqueness to be enjoyed with each bottle.
Past SE Eleven Blended Canadian Whisky Awards:
Gold | World Whisky Masters | London, United Kingdom | 2020
Gold - Top Worldwide Whiskies | International Wine and Spirits Competition | London, United Kingdom | 2020

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2 reviews for SE Eleven Blended Whisky

  1. Jeff K

    This is outstanding whisky. Rich and flavourful. Spicy but smooth. Similar in character to a rye or high-rye bourbon. Absolutely top shelf.

  2. Patrick Book

    Black Fox is walking the talk and producing truly unique whiskies. On the nose this is sweet and a tad funky. Sour mango, a trio of melons, cherry, cranberry, red grape skins, nutty fudge, dusty tobacco, slightly solvent.

    On the tongue it adds warming chai and other spices, cherry, pear, apricot, bitter dry oak, nutty, grain, dusty leather, a hint of ash. Pretty neat!

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