SE Eleven Cask Finish Whisky

Single grain Canadian whisky finished in a wine cask to deliver layers of full-bodied, complex flavour. Enjoy this spirit neat by the fire with special company and embrace the serene experience.


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Our cask finish Canadian whisky is crafted with 100% single grains.
This whisky boasts all of the amazing traits of SE Eleven Single Grain Whisky, and is aged year round under the prairie sky, interacting with the rare elements of the Canadian prairies. The finishing process of using wine casks allows the whisky to take on the unique characteristic of the barrel, and become infused with robust layers of flavour.
Currently, SE Eleven Cask Finish Canadian Whisky is distilled from 100% Triticosecale (Triticale – a hybrid grain between wheat and rye) and finished in a Marsala wine barrel.
ABV and Volume: 48.1% 500ml | Being bottled in small lots according to their barrel, there will always be a uniqueness to be enjoyed with each bottle.
SE Eleven Cask Finish Canadian Whisky Awards:
Gold | World Whisky Masters | London, United Kingdom | 2020

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2 reviews for SE Eleven Cask Finish Whisky

  1. Patrick Book

    This offers an intriguing tweak on the SE 11 Single Grain, with a similar but wholly different experience.

    The nose swaps a hint of sour on the single grain for a pleasantly fruity sweetness, with mango, raisin, plum skin, and red grapes. Rich and nutty, the sweetness also has layers of butterscotch, fudge, corn syrup. A note of dusty leather adds some grit.

    The palate also has some fidelity to the nose, robust, sweet and nutty. Brazil nuts, maybe, paired with green grain, leather, fudge, baking spices, butterscotch, vanilla, tannic oak and dry spices creating an intoxicating (ha!) experience.

    This is a standout whisky, easily one of the most interesting Canadian whiskies out there.

  2. kim krivoshein

    This whisky definitely stood out in a tasting I recently took part in. The wine finish is spot on, delivering the right amount of complexity and character. I very highly recommend giving this one a try.

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