Once a concept reserved for the wine industry, terroir is fundamental to everything we do. 

We are proud to be part of a movement of pioneering craft distillers who advocate for terroir, believe in the provenance of place, and understand the ways in which soil, climate, and topography influence the bounty a land bears.

Terroir is specific to a place—not to a country, state, or province, but to a field, a farm. Our farm.

We believe consumers deserve to know and to celebrate where their food and drink comes from. Through Black Fox, we produce terroir-driven spirits that encourage people around the world to deepen their connection to the land and to each other. Ours is a process that prioritizes authenticity and traceability.

Our Terroir

Nestled in the heart of the Canadian prairies, Saskatchewan is a landlocked province known for producing some of the world’s finest, heartiest grains. We enjoy more hours of sunshine per year than any other Canadian province, with long day lengths and clean air and water.

Living here requires a special kind of tenacity, a willingness to endure temperature fluctuations unlike anywhere else. Warm summers give way to northern winter winds, providing a rare environment in which to distill and age spirits.

We rest our whisky and select gins under prairie skies, yielding a boldness of flavour that is distinctively and uniquely Black Fox.

While each of these factors in their own right may be found elsewhere around the world—a similar soil, a variable climate—the way they combine at Black Fox is unreplicable. People, climate, soil, and plant come together to offer a true taste of who and where we are.

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