SE Eleven Single Grain Whisky

Canadian whisky traditionally crafted to celebrate the strength of a single grain. Crafted to share as a gift to make them feel truly special.


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This unique Canadian whisky is crafted with 100% single grains, and is aged to perfection in new American oak barrels.
Our aging process takes place under Saskatchewan’s living skies, where it rests year round under the prairie sky, interacting with the elements of the Canadian prairies.
Currently the single grain release is distilled from 100% Triticosecale (Triticale – a hybrid grain between wheat and rye), which is smooth and light bodied.
ABV & Volume: 46-49% 500 ml | Being bottled in small lots according to their barrel, there will always be a uniqueness to be enjoyed with each bottle.
SE Eleven Single Grain Canadian Whisky Awards:
Master | World Whisky Masters | London, United Kingdom | 2020
Gold | Canadian Artisan Spirits Competition | Vancouver, Canada | 2020

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3 reviews for SE Eleven Single Grain Whisky

  1. Patrick Book

    This is a very unique whisky, robust and bold. The nose hits you like you’ve just walked into a dusty grain bin, with a very slight sourness, a distant hint of vanilla, baking spices, almond, mango, and praline. Towards the finish there’s leather and something slightly solvent (though that either blew off over time or I got used to it).

    On the tongue the flavours are similar, with a unique cereal taste that dominates at first. That’s followed by a touch of bitter, tannic oak and ashy smoke, offset with some butterscotch, maple, apricot, and a hint of peach. Dry spices and almond add more depth.

    Given the depth and complexity of the rest of their portfolio of products, I’m not at all surprised that Black Fox’s initial whisky offerings have been given the time and attention needed to carve out a distinct space in the whisky universe. I look forward to the other (and future) releases!

  2. Donald Teel

    I ordered some SE Eleven Single Grain whisky after reading a good article about the distillery in the Globe and Mail. Delivery was prompt and the shipment was well packed. When I enjoyed the first sip of the whisky, I was pleased by the nose and the depth of honest taste that greeted me. In addition to being a very good Canadian whisky, the care the proprietors take in producing the spirit and in highlighting their terroir adds to the experience of a very good beverage.

  3. Linda Garson

    Culinaire Magazine Editor Linda Garson: Quote,”Named after the location of the land , SE 11-36-06 W3, Black Fox’s single grain whisky is made from Triticale – a hybrid grain between wheat and rye, grown, distilled, and aged at Black Fox farm. It’s light-bodied and smooth with tropical, soft fruit notes of mango and apricot, a little toasted almond, and vanilla fudge. At 47.9 percent ABV, it opens up beautifully with a few drops of water. I think of some whiskies as ‘winter whiskies’, where I want to sit in front of a fire cradling my glass, but I’d happily drink this Single Grain whisky all year round!”

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