Black Fox Gin

Where it all began…

Since the beginning, Black Fox has been synonymous with premium quality gin.

For us, it’s a labour of love, and the work is never done. We are constantly exploring new techniques and experimenting with ingredients to deliver flavourful products that celebrate what nature is capable of.

Like our SE Eleven Whisky, every bottle of Black Fox gin is a direct representation of our terroir and of true craftsmanship.

Distinctly Canadian Gin

As third-generation farmers, it brings us tremendous joy to join our passion for agriculture with the skill of distilling. Growing many of our core ingredients on our farm allows complete control over the distillation process, resulting in world-class, flavour-forward spirits that defy convention. 

Oaked Gin

A nod to the centuries-old practice of transporting and storing gin in oak barrels, we rest our gin in virgin American white oak, giving it a smoky, woody quality that bridges the gap between gin and whisky.

Gin #3

Made with fifteen fruits, flowers, and spices, our signature sipping gin is full flavours both familiar and unexpected.

Cucumber Gin

An aromatic gin with farm-fresh cucumbers and an irresistible peppery finish. 

Haskap Gin

One of nature’s most resilient berries, our haskap gin is matured to perfection outdoors. 

Mustard Gin

A celebration of the small but mighty mustard seed, our mustard gin offers sweet, savoury, and a hint of spice.

Gin #4

Farm-grown chokecherries are the star of this seasonal gin. (Only available in select liquor stores.)

Boreal Mint

Using wild mint and juniper berry foraged from Saskatchewan’s lush boreal forest, our Boreal Mint gin is light, smooth, and full-bodied. (Only available in select liquor stores.) 

Gin Cocktails & Recipes

Cranberry G&T

Cranberry G&T

This lively cocktail features our Black Fox Gin #3 and a sweet and tart punch of cranberry juice. An easy way to add another layer to our already delicious, classic G&T.Ingredients 1.5 oz Black Fox Gin #3 1.5 oz Cranberry juiceFever-tree tonic waterSqueeze lime...

Sicilian Lemonade Gin & Tonic

Sicilian Lemonade Gin & Tonic

A quick and easy cocktail that pairs the sweet and tart punch of lemonade with our Black Fox Gin #3. Bright and refreshing!Ingredients 1 oz Black Fox Gin #3 Fever-Tree Sicilian Lemonade Directions Fill a rocks glass with ice. Add Black Fox Gin #3, and top with...

Aromatic G&T

Aromatic G&T

This super easy cocktail showcases the beautiful floral notes of our Black Fox Gin #3, with the bright aromatic botanicals of Fever-Tree Aromatic Tonic. Quick, easy and so, so delicious!Ingredients 1.5 oz Black Fox Gin #3 1.5 oz Cranberry juiceFever-tree tonic...

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