SE Eleven Canadian Whisky

Voice of the Land.
Soul of the Soil.

Some people don’t believe terroir exists in whisky. We do. 

Terroir influences our whisky in profound ways, from the characteristics of our land to the people who work it.

Nestled in the heart of the Canadian prairies, ours is a climate of extremes. Warm summers, bitter winters, and an abundance of sunshine evokes profound respect for the forces of nature.  Through SE Eleven we harness these forces to hand-craft a thought-provoking, flavourful whisky that is undeniably and uniquely Black Fox.

The name SE Eleven is a tribute to our terroir. In parts of Canada, land is assigned a legal land description. Black Fox Farm and Distillery is located at SE11-36-06-W3 (the South East quarter of Section 11, Township 36, Range 6, West of the 3rd Meridian).

This place is our home and we are proud to share it with you.

Distinctly Canadian Whisky

Our process begins with grains carefully selected for their outstanding genetics and flavour. Everything we grow, we sow.

Batch-by-batch, we distill and age our whisky, resting it outdoors in virgin American oak casks. This process, one seldom seen amongst whisky producers, imbues distinctive individual flavours that define who and where we are. As the casks contract and expand with the seasons, they gain true, Canadian character.


Each grain is chosen for its particular flavour, and is grown and matured on the terroir of our local farm. Each distillation is curated with craftsmanship, care, and passion, with one main goal, to create a true masterpiece. We age our barrels year round under the Saskatchewan skies, and our agricultural expertise lends to an ethical, sustainable process right from seed to sip.

Pure quality, pure mastery, pure Canadian Whisky.

Single Grain

A smooth light bodied whisky with a beautiful fruit nose and peppery finish. Expertly aged and curated, the perfect Canadian whisky.

2020 Blend

A limited bottling of a blend that best represents the uniqueness of our whiskies.

Cask Finish

Smooth and slightly nutty with hints of spice and a wealth of fruity notes. A full bodied, flavourful whisky.

Whisky Certification

Your Certificate of Provenance

On your bottle you will find a coin engraved with the Black Fox logo and a serial number. Enter your serial number below to produce a Certificate of Provenance complete with key dates and details that shaped your bottle’s journey from our hands to yours.

Cask Ownership


SE Eleven whisky challenges the long-held belief that terroir is a concept exclusive to wine. Already, our whisky has received international recognition and acclaim for both its flavour and originality.

Through our cask ownership program we offer the opportunity to be part of this process. We make a limited number of first-fill 200 litre casks available for purchase each year. Filled with our award-winning single grain whisky, your cask will mature outdoors under prairie skies until it reaches perfection.

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